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I may seem like an anomaly.  I am deeply religious, and highly liberal.  I am a nerd, and yet I can’t stand super heroes and most comic books.  I like action and horror, and yet I don’t like Buffy.  I like anime and Asian cinema, and yet I am not a Japanophile.  I like to have fun doing the things I do, and yet I take very seriously the things I like.

And those things are:  Speculative fiction, weird fiction, martial arts cinema, genre cinema, video games, and listening to and playing music.


Number: 3

Letter: D

Movies: 1. Once Upon a Time in the West, 2. The Boxer From Shantung, 3. The Blade
Authors: 1. Philip K. Dick, 2. Theodore Sturgeon, 3. J.G. Ballard
Bands/Musicians: 1. Pink Floyd, 2. Brian Eno, 3. Daniel Lanois
Instruments: 1. Bass, 2. Drum machine, 3. Pedal Steel Guitar
Video Games: 1. Tomb Raider, 2. Half Life 2, 3. Street Fighter 2
Modern Theologians: 1. Thomas Merton, 2. C.S.Lewis, 3. Thich Nhat Hanh

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