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Matthew Kessen’s first arts-and-culture e-zine work ran in Dan Swensen’s “The Noise,” ten long years ago. His work there consisted primarily of the Godzilla Project, a film-by-film analysis of the Toho Godzilla canon. Some few years later, he was reading an article in “G-Fan” – the premiere North American Godzilla magazine – that concerned itself with Godzilla’s symbolic relationship with the atomic bomb. At the end of the article was an informal list of inspirations and sources for it; part of this list read “The Official Godzilla Compendium, Matthew Kessen, Susan Sontag…” Hearing of this, an old friend of Matthew’s remarked, “If I had to describe Matt Kessen, I’d say ‘between the Official Godzilla Compendium and Susan Sontag’ would be just about right.” It is one of Matthew’s favorite things that anyone has ever said about him.

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