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The Roommate has OVER 9,000 (!) personalities, all housed in a smaller than average frame. Luckily, most seem to get along just fine.

The Roommate battles daily with the Dragon of Reality and he seems to be winning.

Well, breaking even…

Okay, so he seems to be losing, but not too badly.

The Roommate’s favourite colour is 7. His favourite smell is children’s laughter and his favourite number is freshly baked bread.

The Roommate is a vat of idiosyncrasies that should not and could not function in normal society. Therefore, he chooses not to. So far, society doesn’t seem to have caught on yet.

The Roommate exists solely to entertain you. If you’re not entertained, he will take it personally.

We let him in. Now we can’t get rid of him.

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